Tired of having your kids mess up your music recommendations? Then you might be a candidate for Spotify’s new family plan: The music streaming service is now offering a $14.99 plan for up to six family members, with personal profiles for everyone to keep favorites and recommendations separate.

This kind of family plan isn’t exactly new: Apple Music introduced the same plan when it launched last summer, and Google has been offering a $15 plan for families for some time as well. Spotify previously had its own family plan, but was charging significantly more: Under the old plan, families were paying $20 for up to five listeners.

Spotify is currently leading the music subscription business with 30 million paying subscribers. However, Apple Music has grown faster than any other service, amassing more than 13 million subscribers in  around 9 months. In fact, Apple now generates more revenue with Apple Music and its other paid services than with sales of computers.