Both Spotify and Apple Music are starting to add remixes to their catalog, according to a Techcrunch report. This is possible due to a cooperation with Dubset, which operates a kind of clearing service for DJ mixes and samples.

One of the first remixes that’s up on both services is a DJ Jazzy Jeff remix of Anderson.Paak’s song “Room In Here.” The new version wasn’t commissioned by Anderson.Paak or his label, but is instead one of the countless remixes produced by DJs and bedroom artists without asking for permission.

Usually, these songs often find their way to SoundCloud, or other music sites that allow uploading of user-generated media. But earlier this year, both Apple Music and Spotify struck deals with Dubset that will allow them to stream this kind of material as well. Dubset essentially scans songs for recognizable samples, identifies the source material, and then works out how much money the original rights holders are supposed to get.

However, there’s a reason both Apple and Spotify are just dipping the toes in the water with one single track: Dubset has struck deals with music publishers, but has yet to sign up any of the major labels for its clearing service. That means that music services using Dubset won’t be able to stream user-generated remixes of Justin Bieber tracks any time soon.

Last month, news broke that Spotify was pursuing an acquisition of SoundCloud, which has long allowed the upload of user-generated media. SoundCloud has struck deals with all major labels, and aims to eventually monetize user remixes with advertising and subscription fees.