Snap Inc.’s Snapchat has packed a bunch of new features into its latest app, including the ability for users to chat with up to 16 friends and integration with Shazam.

The social-media player cut a deal with Shazam, under which users can identify a song by pressing and holding on the Snapchat camera screen when music is playing nearby. Once songs are ID’d, they appear in the “Settings” menu — letting users access Shazam content and send their music and artist discoveries as Snaps to their friends.

Snapchat’s new Groups features can be created while sending a Snap, or when you’re making a new Chat. When friends are present in a group chat, their names are displayed at the bottom of the conversation. Group chat messages are deleted by default after 24 hours, and Snaps sent to a Group can only be opened and replayed once by each recipient.

Users can also tap the name of a friend in a Group chat to start a one-on-one chat — without spamming everyone on the thread — and then return to the group in one swipe, a feature dubbed Quick Chat. Just as with the regular individual Chat today, users can send stickers, Bitmojis, Friendmojis, voice notes and video notes to a group.

Group notifications indicate who’s chatting, but will not alert every single Chat they send. If multiple friends in the Group are chatting at the same time, you’ll receive one notification that mentions a number of friends.

In addition, the updated Snapchat app adds two new creative tools. With Scissors, you can cut out part of a Snap on the Preview Screen to turn it into a sticker; initially it’s available on iOS and will follow shortly on Android. The Paintbrush tool lets users draw on top of Snaps in Memories.