Producers of the popular “Serial” podcast are delaying the release of new episodes of the second season — to every two weeks, down from weekly — citing the need for more time to investigate new information on the case of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

The delay was announced by “Serial” host and producer Sarah Koenig (pictured above) in a blog post Tuesday. The current season looks at the story of Bergdahl, the soldier who abandoned his post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was subsequently held by the Taliban for nearly five years.

“This story goes in so many directions, and as we’re reporting it we’re getting access to more of the key people close to Bergdahl’s case, and to more information than we initially thought we would,” Koenig wrote. “To do that — or at least to do it right — will take some time. Hence the change.”

Koenig added that the additional info means that “Serial” will be adding at least one more episode to season 2. The current season launched Dec. 10.

The next episode of “Serial” will be released Thursday, Jan. 21. On the off-weeks, according to Koenig, the team will produce new posts and graphics on the website.

Bergdahl is currently facing a court-martial in a military court on charges of desertion and “misbehavior before the enemy” (endangering troops dispatched to rescue him), with the latter charge carrying up to a life sentence. The current season of “Serial” uses excerpts from more than 25 hours of interviews with Bergdahl that were conducted by “Zero Dark Thirty” writer-producer Mark Boal.

“Serial” is from the creators of This American Life, a weekly public radio show. The first installment of the podcast in the fall of 2014 was an investigative report about the murder of a Baltimore teen and questions about whether her boyfriend convicted of the crime was in fact guilty. That gained widespread attention, and the show was even parodied by “Saturday Night Live.”