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Samsung wants to make it easier for content creators to upload virtual reality videos to its Milk VR service: The company is getting ready to launch a program for VR camera makes that will make it possible to integrate uploading to Milk VR in any third-party software.

This previously-unannounced Milk VR API was first revealed in the program for Samsung’s 2016 developer conference, which the company will hold in San Francisco this week. “Do you have (or are you thinking about building) a 360 camera? Wouldn’t it be nice to write an app that directly uploads videos to MilkVR? Well, now you can,” the description for one of the conference’s workshops reads.

The program is another sign that Samsung is serious about turning Milk VR into a bigger content hub for virtual reality and 360-degree video content. Originally introduced as a way to easily watch videos on Samsung’s Gear VR headset, Samsung has since brought Milk VR to the web and Android phones as well, allowing consumers to watch videos without a VR headset.

What’s more, Samsung is clearly thinking about ways to monetize Milk VR as well. Earlier this month, Samsung posted a job offer for a “Director of Monetization (Mobile Virtual Reality),” who would be tasked to “define the business model (e.g. advertising models, subscription services) for our virtual reality services.” Milk VR doesn’t currently feature advertising or subscriptions, but one could assume that the company will change this over time to actually make money with VR content.