Roku has added some more cash to its coffers: The streaming device and platform maker has raised another $45.5 million round of funding, according to a filing with the SEC. A Roku spokesperson confirmed that the company raised some new funds late last year, but declined to provide further comment.

The new round of funding brings the total amount of money raised by Roku so far to around $200 million. There had been talk about Roku exploring a public offering, but the company likely turned to private investors in light of a volatile market.

Roku hasn’t released any sales data about its streaming players in recent months, but Roku CEO Anthony Wood said recently that the company now has more than 9 million monthly active accounts.

However, Roku’s competitors aren’t standing still. Google, Apple and Amazon all introduced new streaming players in time for the holidays last year. In light of this development, Roku has put a bigger emphasis on TVs that integrate its software, but are manufactured by hardware partners like Hisense and TLC.

Roku announced at CES that its hardware manufacturing partners have sold more than one million TVs powered by Roku’s platform. This year, it expects some of those partners to release first 4K Roku TV sets.

In addition, Roku is looking to get more pay TV providers to use its devices instead of a traditional cable box — something that Time Warner Cable has begun to do in the U.S., and that Sky has been offering with custom-branded Roku devices in the U.K. and Germany for some time.