Robert Stromberg’s Virtual Reality Company Raises $23 Million From Chinese Investor

The Martian VR Experience Arm Warning
Courtesy of Fox Innovation Lab

Los Angeles-based Virtual Reality Company (VRC), which has been co-founded by “Maleficent” director and acclaimed visual effects artist Robert Stromberg, has raised a $23 million round of funding.

“This recent injection of capital allows us to discover new creative territories and stake our claim in this exciting frontier,” said Stromberg. “VR is no longer just a dream of visionaries.”

VRC is best known for “The Martian VR Experience,” a 20-minute piece that the startup produced in conjunction with the 20th Century Fox Innovation Lab. The company has since started to work on a number of additional experiences, including a Steven Spielberg collaboration that’s been described as  “a family oriented VR program.”

The new investment comes from China-based Hengxin Mobile Business Co., Ltd., which is also gaining exclusive distribution rights for VRC’s content in China as part of the deal. Other investors in the company include Metallica lead singer James Hetfield, Rothenberg Ventures and Elementum Ventures.