Periscope Has Been Used for 200 Million Broadcasts, 100 Million Since January Alone

Courtesy of Periscope

Twitter-owned social live streaming service Periscope celebrated its first birthday Monday by revealing a major usage milestone: Periscope has been used for more that 200 million broadcasts since its launch in March 2015. Periscope users also watch around 110 years (or close to 1 million hours) of live streams every single day, according to the company.

It’s worth noting that this time watched metric only includes live streams viewed via Periscope’s iOS and Android app, and not archived broadcasts, or streams watched on Twitter or on Periscope’s website. Twitter added Periscope live streams to its timeline in January, and the potential for a much larger audience is apparently not lost on broadcasters: Periscope’s number of total broadcasts doubled since January, when it surpassed 100 million.

Twitter acquired Periscope in early 2015 for $100 million. The app competed early on with the social live streaming service Meerkat, but Twitter’s backing helped to quickly surpass the competitor. Earlier this month, news broke that Meerkat was getting ready to abandon live video streaming.

However, Periscope has since attracted competition from some much larger players: Facebook has rolled out live streaming to its users, and Google is reportedly looking to launch a Periscope-like live streaming app based on YouTube’s live video platform.

Still, it’s obvious that Twitter has high hopes for the live streaming service. Last month, Twitter revealed that it had promoted Periscope founder and CEO Kayvon Beykpour to be part of Twitter’s executive team.