Pandora’s newly revamped ad-free streaming tier is now available to everyone — or at least everyone who is willing to pay $5: The Oakland-based streaming service officially rolled out the new paid subscription option dubbed Pandora Plus to all of its users Wednesday, while also giving free users the option to unlock additional functionality in exchange for watching video ads.

Pandora first announced its new tier last month, but at the time only opened it up to select users. Now, everyone can get ad-free listening, additional skips and song replays as well as offline playback for $5 a month.

Pandora’s ad-supported free tier is also getting more skips, as well as instant song replays, with a twist: Users can unlock these features by watching short ads, and have to go back and watch more ads after a couple of extra skips.

Pandora is launching the new mid-priced tier amid new competition from Amazon: The e-commerce giant officially launched its new Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service Wednesday, offering Prime subscribers a Spotify-like experience for just $8 a month. Putting further pressure on music pricing, Amazon also unveiled a $4 tier that gives owners of its Echo speaker unlimited music access on one single device.

Pandora is planning to launch a full on-demand service before the end of the year as well.