Every second U.S. Internet household is ready and able to stream Internet video to their TVs, according to new research from NPD; 49 million households have either an Internet-connected TV, a game console, a streaming media player or an Internet-connected Blu-ray player, according to the research group’s latest Connected Home Entertainment report.

That’s not just 52 percent of all homes with Internet access, it’s also 6 million more homes than a year ago. And most households have more than one streaming-capable device: The average TV-connected household has hooked up 2.9 devices that could be used to watch Internet video.

Game consoles still lead the charge among streaming-capable devices, followed by streaming players like Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. Smart TVs are on third place, and connected Blu-ray players are forth. Each device category is still growing, but it looks like smart TVs and streaming media players are growing faster than Blu-ray players and game consoles.

Streaming players in particular likely received some bump from the introduction of new devices in time for last year’s holiday season: Not only did Amazon, Roku and Google all introduce new streaming boxes and adapters, Apple also gave its Apple TV a much-needed major upgrade.