President Obama is at it again: Obama shared two summer-themed playlists on Spotify Thursday, once again giving us a daytime and a nighttime mix of his favorite tunes.

The White House first teamed up with Spotify last summer, publishing a first set of summer playlists. At the time, Spotify painted this as part of a larger partnership with the administration, with the goal being to “engage the public and acquaint them with the people working in the administration.” However, we’ve yet to see the Department of Homeland Security publish its own playlists on the music service.

As for Obama’s summertime selection, the 44th president, and the staffers that may have helped him with his selection, once again show impeccable taste: The daytime playlist features songs from Jay Z, Aloe Blacc, Nina Simone, the Beach Boys and Charles Mingus, whereas the nighttime playlist comes with tunes from D’Angelo, Mary J. Blige, Billie Holiday and Janet Jackson.

Many have wondered what President Obama is going to do after his successor takes the oath of office come January. Judging from countless Twitter reactions to his summer playlists, he may just have a second career as a DJ ahead of him.