Netflix continues to be very interested in virtual reality, an executive of the streaming service said on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona this week, according to a report from Trusted Reviews.

Netflix VP of product innovation Chris Jaffe told reporters that virtual reality (VR) seems to be all about gaming in its early days, but that the company is very interested in ways to use it for storytelling. “We’re tracking where that goes,” he said according to the outlet.

The video service used MWC to give press an early look at some of the products it is working on and testing right now. In addition to programming in 4K and HDR, this also included new mobile apps. Mobilesyrup reported that Netflix’s iOS app will soon allow users to manage their mobile data usage, which should come in handy for anyone streaming over a mobile network.

Equally interesting: Netflix is also getting ready to roll out a new second-screen experience as part of its mobile apps. This will allow users to see which actors are in the show they’re currently watching, and read up on their bio, according to Mobilesyrup. This sounds very much like functionality offered for some time by Amazon and Google as part of their mobile video-viewing apps.