Netflix is expanding its internet speed testing efforts to mobile devices. The company released a mobile version of its Fast speed test this week, allowing iOS and Android users to make sure they have what it takes for a good-looking stream of their favorite Netflix show.

Netflix first launched its own speed test on a dedicated website in May. The website, and the company’s now-launched mobile apps, measure download speeds so that consumers can check whether they are actually getting the speeds advertised by their internet service providers.

Others, including Speedtest.net, have been offering similar speed tests for some time. However, Netflix wanted to simplify the process, and for example doesn’t include information about upload speeds and ping response times, which don’t really matter for video viewing.

Netflix has for some time tracked average streaming performance for ISPs, which are based on the actual day-to-day performance of its users, and not one-off speed tests. Asked whether the company may offer these ISP rankings for mobile operators as well, a spokesperson said that the company is considering this as mobile usage grows.