Vevo wants to make it easier to turn music videos into GIFs: The major label-owned music video platform launched a GIF maker Monday that allows anyone to select up to five second long snippets from thousands of music videos and turn them into looping GIFs, complete with text overlays.

The resulting GIFs can then be shard via Twitter or Facebook. Here’s a GIF made with Vevo’s tool:

Vevo’s GIF maker is launching on its website at first, but the company is looking to bring it to its mobile apps next month.

The functionality is also not available for Vevo’s entire catalog at launch: Videos from Sony and Warner Music can readily be turned into GIFs, but songs from Universal aren’t available just yet. A Vevo representative told Variety that the company is working to clear the way for GIFs based on Universal videos “in the coming weeks and months.”

Vevo’s GIF maker comes just days after the popular GIF sharing platform Giphy raised a $72 million funding round — a clear sign that there is some serious money in GIFs. And while Giphy has yet to monetize its service, Vevo is looking to cash in on GIFs from day one: The service’s GIF tool is available via a button in its video player, which also has the effect that users potentially first need to watch an ad before they can cut a GIF.