Pop-music star Megan Nicole, who rose to fame on YouTube, will guest star in Netflix animated kids’ series “Popples,” which is based on the 1980s-era toy line of fluffy multicolored creatures.

Megan Nicole will make her animated debut as Squeaky Pop in the episode “Fallen Pop Idol” in season two of “Popples” and will lend her voice to original song “Together With My Friends.” The 10-episode second season of “Popples,” produced under a licensing pact with Saban Brands, is slated to premiere worldwide on Netflix on March 11.

The 22-year-old singer, whose full name is Megan Nicole Flores, has 3.4 million subscribers for her YouTube channel, attracting fans with covers of pop hits starting in 2009. The Texas native starred in Relativity Digital Studios’ musical film “Summer Forever” released last year, and her 2014 debut album “Escape” has garnered 20 million views online.

“I’m so excited to be a part of ‘Popples’ and lend my voice for a great original song and cool new character in the series,” Megan Nicole said in a statement.

“Megan Nicole is an exceptionally talented and charismatic singer, who strongly resonates with today’s generation of kids,” Saban Brands CEO Janet Hsu added. “With these attributes, and her fun, energetic and colorful personality, Megan Nicole adds an exciting new dynamic to the series and seamlessly fits into the Popples world.”

“Popples” follows the adventures of four friends, the Best Popple Pals, who are able to pop into and out of balls and roll around their city of Popplopolis at will. In “Fallen Pop Idol,” Squeaky Pop comes to Popplopolis for a concert.

In addition to streaming the Netflix series, Nicole fans can pre-order “Together With My Friends” or download it when it is digitally released via iTunes and Amazon on March 4. The singer plans to release her newest single, “Mascara,” on March 11 via YouTube.

The Popples toy line debuted in 1985, followed by a Saturday morning cartoon show that aired on U.S. television from 1986-87. Saban Brands is producing the new “Popples” series with ZAG Entertainment exclusively for Netflix.