Ever wanted to step into the shoes of a movie character? That’s exactly what Lionsgate and Los Angeles-based virtual reality (VR) startup SilVR Thread VR are going for with their new “Nerve” VR experience, which is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

The studio and its VR partner are using the experience, officially dubbed “Nerve – Do You Dare” to promote Lionsgate’s new “Nerve” movie starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. In the movie, the two actors play high schoolers thrown into a world of dares that gets ever-more dangerous.

In the app, viewers can experience some of those dares first-hand, thanks to 360-degree video that can be viewed with a Google Cardboard-compatible VR headset, or simply by tilting a phone back and forth. One of those dares involves riding on a skateboard while holding onto a police car, while another takes viewers on a ladder to climb from one New York high-rise to another.

“Every kid grows up wishing they could be the actor or stunt person in a movie like Nerve,”SilVR Thread VR founder Tai Crosby said. “With the first-person point-of-view Nerve VR app, we are powerfully transporting people directly into the movie scene as their favorite actor. The adrenaline is immense.”

To be fair, not all the app’s users seem to agree. Reviews on the App Store and Google Play are mixed so far, with a number of uses complaining that the experience just isn’t the same as a movie — maybe it takes a little more than a cheap Cardboard viewer to really make you feel like being Emma Roberts.