Though Leonardo DiCaprio is considered a frontrunner for the best actor Oscar for “The Revenant,” it hasn’t stopped developers from creating a game lampooning his rough award season track record.

“Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” takes the fact that the actor has been Oscar nominated four times with naught to show for it and turns it in to essentially an 8-bit racing game. The goal of the game is simple: outrace everyone else on the red carpet to the prize. Other racers on the carpet include Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender.

A simple race isn’t all that you have to do in the game. There is also a quaalude bonus, inspired by the popular scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street,” avoid tripping over Lady Gaga on the red carpet, and find the one black nominee in a round. Avoiding and destroying paparazzi can also net you combos like “Golden Globes Combo” and “Ultimate BAFTA Combo.”

The game was created by the Line Animation, which is part of the Electric Theatre Collective. Max Van Der Merwe designed “Red Carpet Rampage.” Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor came up with the concept, artwork and design.

Although most analysts seem to think that this is the year Leo finally catches his illusive Oscar, would it really be so bad if he didn’t and “Red Carpet Rampage” became a runaway franchise hit?