Chinese consumer electronics upstart LeEco is opening its first store in the U.S. this week, if only for a limited time: LeEco is opening a pop-up store at The Grove, a Los Angeles mall that also houses an Apple store as well as a number of upscale retail brands.

The store will open doors on Black Friday and remain open until December 27. It will be used to show off LeEco products including the company’s phones, TVs, VR headset, connected bike and other accessories. However, it looks like consumers will still have to go onto LeEco’s website to buy most of the products on display.

LeEco officially entered the U.S. in October, and is aiming to sell bargain-priced phones that are closely tied to its own content services. Key to these efforts is a service plan dubbed EcoPass that gives consumers access to live and on-demand video streaming as well as extended warranties, additional customer support and more. Think of it as something like Amazon Prime without the free shipping, if you will.

LeEco got its start in China primarily via online sales, but the company has also opened up a reported 4200 retail locations in the country, which are run by its LePar subsidiary. LeEco has hired to launch retail stores in India as well, and may eventually do the same in the U.S..