Justin.tv is about to make a comeback… as a Snapchat channel: Justin Kan, founder of the pioneering live streaming site Justin.tv, announced Wednesday that he was bringing it back on Snapchat. “After learning about Snapchat Stories, I’ve become obsessed with Snapchat,” Kan wrote on his website.

Justin.tv first launched in 2007, giving anyone the ability to stream live video to online audiences. But Kan didn’t just offer a service to others, he also promoted the venture with a exhibitionist broadcast of his own life.

Armed with a webcam mounted to a baseball cap and a laptop in his backpack, Kan broadcasted nearly 24/7 — and early on experienced the downsides of a life in public. At one point, some of his viewers faked a call to the police, leading to officers storming his flat with guns drawn.

Justin.tv nonetheless became an early leader in live video streaming, but the company eventually pivoted to become Twitch and focus on video game streaming. Twitch was acquired by Amazon for $970 million in 2014; Justin.tv was shut down the same month. “Justin.tv was nine years too early,” Kan wrote Wednesday.

Kan explained Wednesday that he wants to use the new Justin.tv Snapchat channel to post stories on his travels as well as about his startups and investments. He added: “Restarting Justin.tv might be a terrible idea. I’m actually undecided. But it worked out well the first time.”