The Huffington Post’s management has voluntarily recognized the Writers Guild of America East as the collective bargaining representative of its editorial staff.

The move comes three months after the website’s editorial staff announced plans to seek unionization with the WGA.

Arianna Huffington made the announcement Thursday in an email to the staff: “I am delighted to let you know that we have reached an agreement with the Writers Guild of America East to proceed to voluntary recognition by counting signed union cards. Assuming a majority, we will recognize the union. We look forward to a great relationship with our union as we work together to take The Huffington Post to new heights across the world.”

The Huffington Post’s organizing committee said: “The unionization of The Huffington Post’s editorial staff is another example of our newsroom practicing what we preach. Our campaign to win union recognition has united us in many ways. We’ve come together as a community across regions, departments, and positions to work towards a shared vision.”

The WGA East has been active in organizing the digital-media sector and has recently unionized Vice, Gawker Media, ThinkProgress and Salon Media.

Lowell Peterson, executive director of the WGA East, said, “The Huffington Post establishes a critical mass of support for collective bargaining in digital media. This movement empowers the people who write, edit and produce content to build sustainable careers doing work they care about. As digital media continues to transform the way information is shared and stories are told, it is essential that content creators have their concerns about the workplace – and about the work itself – be heard and addressed by management.”