HTC officially launched an app store for its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset Friday. The app store, dubbed Viveport, not only features games, but also a number of cinematic virtual reality experiences.

Among the Viveport launch titles is the Vive version of “Pearl,” the Google-produced animated short that debuted at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. Also new is an updated version of theBLU, a VR experience that lets players explore oceanic life, produced by Santa Monica-based VR studio WEVR. Vive is selling theBLU and some other titles for $1 during a 48-hour Viveport launch period.

HTC began selling its Vive virtual reality headset in April. Designed for room-scale VR experiences, the Vive allows users to move around in a space of up to 10 by 10 feet, which makes for extremely immersive experiences. However, all of this comes at a price: Not only does the Vive cost $800, consumers also need to spend another $1000 or more for a powerful gaming PC to run Vive apps.

HTC’s Vive has been competing directly with the Rift VR headset from Facebook-owned Oculus. Next month, the two companies will get some additional competition from Sony, which is scheduled to ship its PlayStation VR headset on October 13.