HTC’s Vive virtual reality (VR) headset just got a release date: The headset, which has been developed as a collaboration between HTC and video game developer Valve, will go on sale in April, according to a report by the Telegraph. Pre-orders for the headset will start on February 29.

It’s unclear at this point how much HTC is going to charge for the Vive, but VR enthusiasts shouldn’t expect the device to be cheap: Last week, Oculus announced that its Rift VR headset is going to cost consumers $599 when it comes out in March.

That price point led to a bit of a backlash online, but Oculus founder Palmer Luckey told Variety that making compromises on the hardware to bring down the price would have been a mistake. “We are not making money on the Rift,” he added.

The Vive is one of three premium VR headsets announced for this year, with Sony getting ready to sell its Playstation VR headset as well. Amongst those three, the Vive is easily the most ambitious: The device offers positional tracking in a space of up to 15 feet by 15 feet, making it possible for users to move around in a room and play within their environment.

This requires users to install two positional tracking devices in a space, making the setup more challenging, but users are rewarded with an incredibly immersive experience. The Oculus Rift headset on the other hand only uses one tracker, and restricts users to a much smaller space.