Hisense Has 6 Million Daily Active Smart TV Users Streaming Close to 200 Minutes of Video

Hisense at CES Asia
Janko Roettgers / Variety

Chinese TV manufacturer Hisense revealed some new data at CES Asia in Shanghai Thursday that shows just how massive the shift towards streaming among connected consumers around the world really is: Six million users were streaming video ever single day with the help of the company’s smart TVs at the end of 2015, and each of these users was streaming close to 200 minutes of video on average, according to Hisense Vice GM Zhitao Yu.

Altogether, Hisense had activated 18 million smart TV users by the end of 2015. The company now aims for 22 million Chinese smart TV users and 5 million smart TV users in international markets by the end of this year. Hisense is selling some Roku TVs in the U.S., and has been market leader in TV sales in China for a number of years.

Yu revealed the data as part of a panel on the future of television, which also included participation from LeTV and PPTV, two relatively new entrants to the Chinese TV market. LeTV began selling TV sets in 2014, and PPTV followed suit with a limited number of TV sets in 2015. Both companies got their start as video streaming services in China a number of years ago, and now aim to expand their content services with the help of their own TV sets.

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LeTV’s Tao Huang even admitted that his company sells TV sets at cost. The company, which is part of China’s LeEco, hopes that users of its TVs will sign up for its video subscription service, which currently costs 490 RMB (about $75) per year.

Hisense’s Yu however cautioned that it will take some time for Chinese consumers to actually shell out money for video services. “At present, it is not very realistic to make money with content,” he said.