Comedian and political satirist Harry Shearer (“The Simpsons,” “SNL”) is currently developing a new series about President-elect Donald Trump entitled “Too Soon?” The half-hour, weekly satire will detail Trump’s time in the White House.

“I wanted to do this to start what I think is a future, if not the future, of topical sketch comedy,” Shearer said. “With Donald Trump now set to be President, this could be comedy gold for the next four years.” Shearer is no stranger to political humor, though his last POTUS-related series, “Nixon’s the One,” worked straight from the Nixon Tapes, using them as the script for his portrayal of the soon-to-be-impeached president. “Nixon’s the One” ran on My Damn Channel on YouTube in the U.S., and Sky Arts in Britain. “Too Soon?” is being shopped for TV.

Shearer released a sneak peak of the upcoming series last week, created by John MacInnes and Remington Scott of MacInnes Scott. The video features a fictionalized encounter of Trump and President Obama’s first meeting, in which they discuss Abraham Lincoln’s desk in the oval office, Obama’s bookshelf, and more. Both Obama and Trump are voiced by Shearer, and the animation is done using performance capture software generally used to make video games.

“We’re taking video game technology and using it to create non-gaming content — TV, movies, music videos — across all media platforms, whether that’s 2D, or 3D virtual reality,” MacInnes and Scott said.

Watch the clip below or click here.