Lured by shows like “Hamilton,” “Fun Home” and “Shakespeare in the Park,” millennials are making up 70% of theatergoers using the TodayTix app. They might be social media and smart phone obsessed, but they also love theater, according to a study by TodayTix, an app for buying last-minute theater tickets, to be released today.

The mobile theater ticketing app released new data revealing that millennials now make up 70% of theatergoers. While the median age of Broadway theatergoers is 45 years old, the average TodayTix customer is 30 years old. Only 7% of TodayTix users were older than 55, with the 33- to 54-year-old age group making up 23% of sales.

The study also shows that men are 30% more likely than women to buy tickets the same day as the show.

TodayTix provides access to discounted same-day tickets via a mobile lottery, and users can enter every single day. “Hamilton,” “Fun Home” and “Shakespeare in the Park” were the app’s most popular lottery entries.

Although, TodayTix users aren’t the only theatergoers wanting to see “Hamilton.” The Broadway musical’s website crashed on Jan. 5 after receiving more than 50,000 entries to its new digital-ticket lottery, forcing the show to reinstate in-person ticket drawing. Over 2,000 people flocked to the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York for the chance to win one of the prized $10 front-row tickets to “Hamilton,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Even after the post-holiday decline in ticket sales, “Hamilton” brought in over a million dollars last week.