Here comes another out-there film concept from Gunpowder & Sky, the studio led by Van Toffler and backed by AT&T and Chernin Group aiming to produce entertainment for a generation weaned on digital.

Gunpowder & Sky is teaming with Supergravity Pictures, a studio and talent management startup in which G&S has invested, and writing-filmmaking team Jerome Sable and Nicholas Musurca to create a thriller set in the world of skaters and extreme street stunt performers. Sable and Musurca are best known for the Sundance-winning horror musical short “The Legend of Beaver Dam,” and their “ABCs of Death” anthology segment, “V is for Vacation,” about a boys’ trip that turns deadly over Skype.

“Twisted, talented and visually compelling directors like Jerome don’t pop up very often,” said Toffler (pictured above), Gunpowder & Sky’s CEO and former CEO of Viacom’s Music Group. He called Sable “a mashup of Wes Craven, Justin Lin and John Carney in the best way possible.” Supergravity co-founder Max Benator added, “Jerome and Nick are brilliant storytellers. The fact that we get to collaborate with all of them on this truly demented film project is just a total treat.”

Sable is set to direct the yet-untitled pic based on the script he is writing with Musurca. The story follows a small-town skate crew whose obsession with becoming internet-famous leads them “into a trap of unrelenting horror,” per the producers.

“We’re thrilled to have found partners who are enabling our depravity as we try to push the boundaries of horror,” commented Sable. Added Musurca, “Honestly, when people see the movie we’re making, it will be great to have collaborators to share the blame with us.”

Other projects in the works at Gunpowder & Sky are a film adaptation of Jeff Hart’s zombie road-trip novel “Eat, Brains, Love” and “DC Trip,” a movie based on the book by comedian Sara Benincasa about a school trip to the nation’s capital that goes off the rails, in partnership with Bona Fide Productions and Adaptive Studios.

L.A.-based Gunpowder & Sky was founded by Toffler, Floris Bauer, former global head of corporate development and strategy at Endemol, and Otter Media, a joint venture of AT&T and the Chernin Group. Gunpowder & Sky is an investor in Supergravity, founded in late 2014 by Max Benator and Marc Hustvedt.