GoPro launched a new lineup of action cameras, cloud services and its previously-announced Karma drone Monday. The new cameras come with multi-language voice control, allowing consumers to launch recordings without the need to press any buttons.

GoPro’s new line-up is being led by the Hero 5 Black, a 4K camera with touch screen, video stabilization and three integrated microphones that sells for $399. It is being complemented by the Hero 5 Session, which packs similar features in a smaller package without a touch screen, and sells for $299. Both cameras go on sale on October 2. In addition to those two new models, GoPro is going to continue to sell the existing Hero Session, which doesn’t support 4K or voice control, for $199.

Footage from both cameras will automatically be uploaded to GoPro’s new cloud services, dubbed GoPro Plus, once the camera is connected to a user’s home Wifi network. Users can then access the footage from anywhere, and edit it either with mobile devices or desktop computers.

GoPro Plus will offer consumers storage for 35 hours of 1080p video, and automatically transcode any 4K video uploads to the lower resolution, according to GoPro’s website. Alternatively, consumers will be able to store up to 62,500 photos. There’s no word yet on how much GoPro is going to charge for its subscription plan, or when exactly it is going to be available.

Finally, the company introduced its new Karma drone. The drone, which folds up and comes with its own backpack, will sell for $700 without a camera. Consumers will be able to buy one with a Hero 5 Black for $1099, or $999 with a Hero 5 Session. GoPro originally planned to introduce the drone earlier this year, but eventually ended up postponing the launch. Consumers will be able to buy the new drone starting October 23.

GoPro has had a bit of a rough year. The company first introduced the Hero Session as a smaller complement to its existing line-up last summer. However, consumers were not biting, forcing GoPro to reduce the price of the camera twice and sending the company’s stock sharply down.

GoPro’s newly-launched cloud services are key to the company’s recovery strategy. Not only will they make it a lot easier to capture, offload and edit footage, but the company is also planning to use the cloud as a repository for high-quality user-generated content, which it wants to license to brands, and eventually make a key component of its media strategy.

In August, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman told Variety that the now-launched cloud services will help to fulfill the promise of GoPro. “This holiday, we will have realized the full vision,” Woodman says. “GoPro 1.0 will finally be deployed.” He added that GoPro also may turn its cloud services into a money-maker down the line. Said Woodman: “Is there an opportunity to provide a fee-based service, subscription service? For sure!”