GoPro wants to go beyond its core audience of adventure seekers, and it’s teaming up with big brands and developers reach new customers: The action cam maker officially launched its developer program at a press event in San Francisco Thursday, allowing third-party developers to build their own apps and accessories to work with GoPro’s line of cameras.

“We are excited to see the world’s most versatile capture module to become even more relevant in our customer’s lives,” said GoPro CEO Nick Woodman. 

Some of the first companies taking advantage of the new program include BMW, Fisher-Price and Telefonica, Sennheiser, SanDisk and Volkswagen. Altogether, more than 100 companies have already been building apps and accessories. GoPro is also introducing a new “Works With GoPro” label that partners can use for their approved products.

Here are some of the more notable partners and their products unveiled Thursday:

Fisher-Price is building a line of dedicated walkers, jumpers and play mats that will house GoPros and document the very little ones as they take their first steps and leaps. It’s a interesting concept that could lead to some very cute videos — but parents have to be patient: A Fisher-Price spokesperson said that the company is currently aiming to release these products by fall of 2017. Developing products that are safe for very young kids, and won’t be recalled any time soon, apparently takes a bit of extra time.

Timecode Systems has developed a hardware module dubbed SyncBac that clips on the back of a GoPro camera and helps to synchronize GoPro footage for professional TV and film productions. SyncBac doesn’t just add time codes to a GoPro’s MP4 video files, but is also capable of completely controlling a GoPro camera through its own wireless network.

That way, production crews can put a number of GoPros on set and don’t have to worry that the battery will run out before the filming even started. A Timecode Systems spokesperson said that the SyncBac module will start selling this summer for $269.

CamDo has been building multiple GoPro-based solutions for filmmakers, including a product called Bullet that makes it possible to daisy-chain multiple GoPros and then control them from a single button — a setup that’s already being used at the YouTube Space Los Angeles.

Periscope has been an early user of the developer program as well.  The Twitter-owned live streaming service used some of the technology behind it to integrate GoPro’s with its video streaming service earlier this year.

The new developer program could potentially help GoPro to fight back against declining sales, which have seriously hurt the company’s stock in recent months. GoPro revenue fell 31 percent year-over-year in its 2015 holiday quarter, forcing the company to also adjust its Q1 2016 forecast.

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Woodman said at the time that the company was looking to shed the action cam label. “We would prefer to think of it more as… the world’s leading activity capture company,” he told investors during the company’s most recent earnings call. By teaming up with companies like Fisher-Price, GoPro may be able to actually change how consumers think about its cameras.