GoPro has been able to steal a veteran member of Apple’s design team to bolster its own design efforts. The action camera maker has hired Danny Coster, who had worked for Apple since the early ’90s, and was deeply involved in the design of the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad.

At GoPro, Coster will be working as the VP of design starting later this month. News of his hire was first reported by The Information Wednesday. Coster’s hire is notable in part because Apple’s design team has been a tightly knit group with few defections, according to that report.

However, Apple’s design has been in a period of transition ever since star designer Johnny Ive stepped back from his day-to-day role in recent months.

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For GoPro, the hire is much-needed good news: The company has been struggling with slowing sales, with its Q4 revenue cratering 31% year-over-year. In response, GoPro’s leadership has indicated that it wants to simplify its product offering, and make GoPro cameras more appealing to consumers that don’t consider themselves athletes or extreme sports fans.

Changing product design to follow a more Apple-like approach could help the company with this goal, but GoPro will also have to come up with new products to stay relevant as cell phones become ever-better mobile camcorders.