HBO’s Bill Simmons Accidentally Announces Google Play Music Podcasts Launch

Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Google is finally adding podcasts to its Play Music app. The feature, which could roll out any day now, was prematurely announced by former Grantland editor and future HBO talk show host Bill Simmons on Twitter this week. Simmons quickly took down the incriminating tweet, but other users confirmed that they had already seen glimpses of the new feature.

Screenshots posted by 9to5Google reveal that the app will feature a few select podcasts, but also offer a bigger catalog for users to browse and explore shows. Users will be able to subscribe to podcasts, and the app will automatically download the last five episodes of a show – much like one would expect from a podcasting app.

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Google first announced that it was going to add podcasts to Google Play Music last fall, but the company didn’t say when it was going to roll out the new feature, and has been quiet about it ever since. Simmons certainly has a good reason to know about the feature in advance: He’s hosting his own podcast, aptly titled the Bill Simmons podcast.

Podcast support for Google Play Music certainly is timely: Downloadable radio shows have seen a big uptick in recent months, spurred by breakout hits like “Serial.” The Pew Research Center estimated last April that by early 2015, 17 percent of all U.S Americans were listening to at least one podcast per month.