Google is looking to unveil a number of new hardware products on October 4, according to a report from Android Police. Among the devices to be unveiled that day are two new flagship phones, a 4K-capable version of Chromecast as well as Google’s first Daydream VR viewer. Google is also expected to give an update on Home, its competitor to Amazon’s Echo device.

Google has long cooperated with select hardware manufacturers to build its own flagship phones. Known as Nexus phones, these devices were meant to provide the latest and greatest Android experience, without the customizations and bundled apps that often find their way to phones sold by mobile operators.

In the past, these devices have been marketed under the Nexus branding. Multiple reports over the past couple of days indicate that Google may be ready to ditch that brand, and a source told Android Police that Google is looking to instead use the Pixel brand instead. The company had in the past used Pixel as the branding of a high-end Chromebook.

According to this latest report, Google is preparing to introduce two new Pixel phones at the October event. The release will likely coincide with the introduction of Google’s first mobile VR viewer; Google officially announced its Daydream VR platform in May, and at the time said that it wanted to both build its own mobile headset as well as encourage partners to build versions for their phones.

The company is also said to introduce a new 4K-capable Chromecast, which it apparently had been working on for some time. And Google said earlier this year that it was going to ship its smart loudspeaker Google Home before the end of the year. Home will offer direct voice access to Google’s assistant, similar to the way Amazon Echo can be used with voice commands.