Google is set to unveil a competitor to Amazon’s Echo loudspeaker at its Google IO developer conference, according to a report by the New York Times. And it looks like this won’t be the only new media device to make an appearance at the show: Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi has hinted at the announcement of new Android TV devices at Google IO as well.

Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo will be called Google Home, according to the Times. The speaker will likely come with voice controls similar to those available on Android phones via Google Now, but won’t actually ship until this fall.

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Google is reportedly introducing it a few months early to developers to get them to build applications for Home. Reports about Google’s plans to compete with Amazon on this front first surfaced in March.

Google may also announce new Android TV devices at the show, courtesy of Xiaomi. The Chinese TV manufacturer tweeted Tuesday that it will be at the show as well, and included a bit of a teaser picture showing what looks like stylized remote control buttons.

Remote control buttons, one should add, that look suspiciously similar to those used by Xiaomi remote controls for its smart TVs as well as its streaming device.

Xiaomi’s smart TVs and streaming devices are already based on Android, but they’re not yet using Google’s Android TV framework, in part because Xiaomi can’t make use of Google services for devices sold in China. However, the company has long been looking to sell its hardware in the U.S. as well, and smart TVs may very well be part of those plans.