Netflix is heading to Google Home any day now: Google’s smart speaker will soon be able to start the playback of movies and TV shows from Netflix to any Chromecast-equipped TV upon hearing a simple voice command.

It’s no secret that Google is cooperating with Netflix and a number of other media services to make Google Home more useful; partnerships were first announced when Google introduced the Google Home device in October.

However, there are some new signs that the launch of the Netflix integration is imminent: Over the weekend, a number of users were reporting that Netflix started to appear as an option in the device’s companion mobile app. Users of the Google Home app can now link their Netflix and Google accounts, with the promise of sending any voice queries for Netflix content directly to the service.

For now, the actual integration doesn’t work yet. After linking accounts, Google Home still responds to commands to play Netflix content by saying “Sorry, I can’t play from Netflix yet.”

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Linking Netflix and Google Home relies on a key feature that differentiates Google’s internet-connected speaker from its biggest competitor, Amazon’s Alexa: Google Home works out of the box with Google’s Chromecast audio and video streaming adapters, which means that you can start the playback of songs and videos on Chromecast-equipped devices with simple voice commands.

Since its launch, Google Home has already been linked with YouTube, Google Play Music, Spotify and Pandora. Google said that it eventually wants to add support for Netflix, iHeartradio and other services. Also coming soon is an integration of Google Photos, which already showed up in the Google Home app over this weekend as well.