Google is getting ready to speed up Internet in the Bay Area: The company announced Wednesday that it will bring its Google Fiber Internet services to select neighborhoods and apartment buildings in San Francisco.

Google didn’t announce any specific launch time, but the company may have it easier to launch Fiber in San Francisco than elsewhere. That’s because it will be using existing fiber-optic networks to bring connectivity to consumers. Google didn’t say who currently owns those networks, but it may be able to tap into existing commercial fiber infrastructure to get its service off the ground.

Google Fiber is currently available in four cities and metropolitan areas, including Atlanta and Austin. The company has announced expansion plans to a number of additional cities. Google has also said that it is evaluating the possibility of bringign fiber to Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and San Diego, among other cities.

Google offers current fiber customers Internet access at Gigabit speeds, as well as an optional cable TV service. The company has also long offered low-income residents free Internet access at reduced speeds, and said Wednesday that it plans to connect select public and affordable housing projects in San Francisco as well.