Google is set to launch the next major version of Android, dubbed Android Nougat, this coming Friday, according to well-connected tech insider Evan Blass. In a tweet, Blass said that the release of the new version will coincide with the next Android security updated, scheduled for August 5.

Blass also predicted that the Nexus 5, a phone developed by LG and sold by Google in 2013, won’t get an update to the new version anymore. Google hasn’t officially announced a release date for Android Nougat yet, but has been previewing the version with developers for some months.

The new version of Android, which is also being called Android 7, will feature a new multitasking mode, allowing users to access two apps at a time through a kind of split-screen view. Android Nougat will also come with integrated support for virtual reality (VR).

Google has teamed up with a  number of handset makers that will build VR-optimized phones as part of its Daydream initiative. These phones will be able to power special Daydream headsets, and essentially offer access to a virtual reality version of Android, complete with its own Daydream app store.

Google has long named Android versions after after sweet treats, with past versions including Marshmallow, Honeycomb and KitKat. This time around, the company asked its users to submit suggestions for sweets that start with the letter N, only to eventually settle on Nougat.