Samsung is getting ready to release a new version of its Gear VR mobile virtual reality (VR) headset, and the company is also working on its own augmented reality viewer. Samsung Electronics VP Sung-Hoon Hong revealed these tidbits during a speech at the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego this week, according to a report from Wearablezone.com.

The next version of the Gear VR could be revealed soon, according to Hong. Samsung introduced the first consumer edition of the Gear VR headset a little over a year ago, and gave the device a slight update with better lenses and an all-black plastic body to reduce glare this fall.

It’s unclear what exactly Samsung will be adding to the next version of the Gear VR, but improvements could include a full move to USB C. Hong also said that Samsung is working on a better VR rendering engine.

Separately, the company is also pursuing an augmented reality headset that will work similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens, allowing users to see holograms projected on top of the real world. However, it looks like it may still be some time until we see an actual commercial product based on this technology.

Hong even said that Samsung may team up with others, including secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap, on an augmented reality headset. “There is a possibility to partner there,” he was quoted saying.