Facebook’s Messenger team has been experimenting with ephemeral media sharing similar to Snapchat’s Stories, according to a TechCrunch report. Messenger started to test a new feature dubbed Messenger Day with users in Poland Friday.

Messenger Day offers users a way to share photos and videos with their contacts, complete with filters and stickers. Media shared this way disappears after 24 hours. Facebook told TechCrunch that this is a “small test,” and that the company didn’t have any further plans for the feature to announce.

Messenger wouldn’t be the first app to take a cue from Snapchat’s Stories. Instagram rolled out a very similar feature to its users in August, even calling it Stories as well. Instagram head of product Kevin Weil readily acknowledged the similarities at the time, and said that the format was simply a response to how users consume and share media. “Stories is going to be a format that a lot of experiences are going to adopt over time,” he told Variety.

And it’s not just Facebook that is looking to give its apps some Snapchat-like features. Apple is also working on its very own Snapchat clone, Bloomberg reported last month.