The Flying Robot International Film Festival is returning to San Francisco next week, once again presenting a selection of short films shot with the help of drones on November 17th. Attendees will get to see a selection of 24 films from around the world, which were picked from over 180 submissions.

“I’ve seen a marked uptick in quality and quantity of films submitted this year,”  said Flying Robot International Film Festival Eddie Codel. “Many more people have gotten their hands on camera drones, and filmmakers have learned how to map their creativity onto the contours of what’s possible with drone shots.”

Festival categories include “drones for good,” “aerial sports,” “cinematic narrative” and “WTF LOL.” Winners will get cash and product prizes worth a total of $10,000.

The Flying Robot International Film Festival first debuted in 2015. This time around, the festival expanded to add an aerial imagery workshop day on November 19th meant to teach enthusiasts about everything from the basics of drone film-making to regulatory issues to live streaming from the skies.