Politics junkies now have a new way to follow the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Cleveland this week: The whole event is being live streamed in 360-degree video.

Viewers can find the 360-degree DNC live stream on YouTube, where they can pan around by tilting their phone, or using their PC’s mouse to change the perspective and switch back and forth between speakers and their audience.

In addition, viewers can also switch to Cardboard mode, and watch the stream with a Cardboard-compatible virtual reality headset. Select 360-degree video highlights are going to be made available on the DNC’s YouTube channel as well.

The 360-degree live stream of the Democrat’s big event in Cleveland is being produced by Los Angeles-based visual effects company Digital Domain. “Using this new immersive technology gives everyday voters a chance to feel more connected to the candidates and their speeches than ever before,” said Digital Domain’s CEO Daniel Seah.

The DNC isn’t the first event to be broadcast in 360-degree video during this election season. Last year, CNN streamed a primary debate to users of Samsung’s Gear VR headsetprompting mockery from Stephen Colbert, who quipped: “It’ll feel like you’re seeing Hillary Clinton right in front of you — but she’s not actually there, just like the real Hillary Clinton.”