Former Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro Leaves Google to Found Metaverse Startup (EXCLUSIVE)

Dmitry Shapiro
Courtesy of Dmitry Shapiro

Former Veoh CEO and Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro has left Google to work on a mysterious new startup that may be related to virtual or augmented reality. Shapiro left Google last month, Variety has learned, and is now looking to hire talent for his new San Diego-based company GoMeta.

The company, which was incorporated in August and doesn’t have a website yet, aims to make the world “more magical,” according to a recent Facebook post by Shapiro, who also said that it is “building a metaverse” — a term commonly associated with virtual worlds like Second Life.

“The future will be augmented,” Shapiro said via email when asked about his new company, and continued rather cryptically: “The Metaverse is a democracy. I’m with Her.”

Before leaving Google, Shapiro worked on the company’s social efforts, including its social network Google+. Before that, he was CTO of Myspace Music. And in 2004, Shapiro founded one of the pioneering online video sites called Veoh.

Veoh was catapulted into the spotlight when Universal Music sued the site for copyright infringement in 2007. The lengthy lawsuit forced Veoh into bankruptcy in 2010, and eventually led to Shapiro selling its assets.

However, a still-unknown benefactor continued to finance Veoh’s defense, which allowed the lawsuit to continue. This eventually led to a legal precedent for similar media sharing sites, with courts deciding that Veoh could’t be held liable for its users’ uploads as long as it removed infringing content upon receiving proper notice.

Update: 4:01pm: This post was updated with a statement from Dmitry Shapiro.