AT&T’s new TV streaming service DirecTV Now seemingly faced significant problems on its launch day: Numerous users reported on Twitter that they were unable to use the service for extended periods of time, with many complaining that DirecTV Now was kicking them off for allegedly using too many devices at the same time — something the service’s apps diagnosed as “error 60.”

DirecTV Now is currently limiting streaming to two devices per subscriber, but many users reported yesterday and today that they were getting the error even when just streaming on one device. Some users were also experiencing sign-in issues. DirecTV Now’s support staff said on Twitter Thursday morning that this particular issue had been resolved, but some users immediately responded saying that they still couldn’t sign in.

Other users were unable to stream certain channels, error messages about incompatible devices and failures to load streams, according to a report by TV Predictions. One user even recorded a video of a series of errors encountered while trying to use the service:


An AT&T spokesperson sent Variety the following comment after the initial publication of this story:

“We experienced an issue last night that prevented some customers from streaming. Engineers resolved the issue and we haven’t experienced it since.”

DirecTV Now officially launched Wednesday, offering consumers up to 130 channels via a variety of packages that start at $35 per month. Aside from technical issues, the service has a few other shortcomings at launch: DirecTV Now’s plans currently don’t include CBS, the CW or Showtime, but AT&T has told reporters that it is pursuing a deal with CBS. In addition, NBC streams aren’t available on smart TVs and TV-connected devices at launch.

Updater: 12:30pm: This post was updated with a statement from AT&T.