Once in awhile, a hashtag captures the Twitterverse’s imagination. One of today’s trending hashtag is #CheesyCinema.

Users have been encouraged to post their favorite movie titles, replacing one of the words with cheese.

With so many different titles and varieties of cheese, the possibilities are endless.

Today isn’t National Cheese Day — that was June 4th. National Cheese Lovers Day has already passed this year too; it comes back January 17, 2017. So where did the #CheesyCinema hashtag originate? Reporter Ben Punter put out the #CheesyCinema hashtag as part of his weekly #PunFuThursday challenge.

Regardless of its origin, have a chuckle over these funny fromage film names.

Asiago is an Italian cheese.


Cheddar, originally from England, is the second most popular cheese in the U.S.


Cheese Whiz is a popular processed cheese sauce.


Edam is a semi-hard cheese named after a town in North Holland.


Kraft Foods is an American manufacturer of many food products, including dairy.

Yarg is a semi-hard cheese from Cornwall, England.

Whey is the liquid byproduct during the cheese manufacturing process.

Crowdie is a Scottish cream cheese.

Percorino Romano is a hard Italian cheese used in grating.

Muenster is the American imitation of the French Munster cheese.

Babybel is a popular cheese product shaped in a wedge.

Brie is a popular soft French cheese.

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