When Charlie Sheen releases his very own emoji line, what better name to give to the app than “Sheenojis”?

The former “Two and a Half Men” star brought his own branded emoji line to fans on Thursday with the help of MDEL Mobile, offering more than 100 different Sheen-inspired icons for fans to express their inner “Charlie’isms.”

“Sheenoji, Charlie Sheen’s official emoji keyboard app lets you share your inner Charlie with the world,” says the app’s description. “Bring your tiger’s blood to a boil! Release your inner man’s man. Fire a torpedo of truth into the technosphere. And above all, be POSITIVELY NEGATIVE!”

Sheen is the latest celebrity to release a custom line of mobile-friendly faces.

Kim Kardashian‘s fans flooded the Apple App Store when she released her “Kimoji” line, featuring emojis that reference the reality star’s contouring routine, ugly cry, trusted waist trainer, platinum blonde hair debut, high-profile baby bump and her buzzy Paper magazine cover.

The reality star tweeted “Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!,” though the App Store didn’t actually experience any issues, said Apple.

Kanye West, Kardashian’s rap mogul husband, had a line of West-inspired emojis released in 2015 called “Yemoji” and Amber Rose dropped “Muvamoji” which reportedly made her $4 million.