BuzzFeed is working on a game show concept for Facebook Live, founder and CEO Jonah Peretti revealed on stage at Facebook’s f8 developer conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. Peretti said during a fireside chat with Facebook’s chief product officer that BuzzFeed is thinking about a number of additional uses for live video streaming, including the possibility to broadcast more content directly from BuzzFeed’s offices around the world.

Peretti said that one option could be to turn live feeds from BuzzFeed’s offices into a kind of worldwide reality show, constantly giving readers a view at what’s going on within the company. This could include live sets from artists visiting BuzzFeed offices, but also company parties and even mishaps like employees getting stuck in elevators. “It can have a really cool effect on the company culture too,” Peretti said.

BuzzFeed pushed the envelope of Facebook Live a few days ago when a live stream of an exploding watermelon attracted an audience of up to 800,000 concurrent live viewers. Peretti said that this was the first time that he had seen live audiences similar to the ones tuning into TV shows for online content since he he began working in media.

Facebook further opened up Live to publishers and developers Tuesday by giving them the ability to stream video from any device, as opposed to just from mobile phones. A number of launch partners allow publishers to use existing video streaming infrastructure, and devices ranging from live cameras to drones, to go live on Facebook.

However, developers were quick to extend the platform Tuesday, and for example add Twitch-like live video game streams.