Thanksgiving Weekend Deals: 10 Bargains From Amazon Echo to Roku to Xbox One

Black Friday Tech Gift Guide Deals
COurtesy of GoPro/Amazon/Roku

Black Friday is almost here, and even if you’re not one of those folks to stand in line for hours on Thursday night, it’s hard to escape the deal frenzy — especially since you can actually save some real money on hot-ticket items this time around.

Here are 10 of the best deals this Black Friday:

Amazon Echo for $140. Amazon’s voice-activated smart speaker was one of the hottest gifts for geeks during the last holiday season. And just in time for Black Friday, Amazon is selling the Echo with a nice discount: The original Echo is going to cost $139.99, compared to the regular price of $179.99. Its smaller sibling, the Echo Dot, will sell for $39.99, which is $10 off from its regular price. And the to-go version, dubbed Echo Tap, will sell for $89.99, compared to $129.99.

Barnes & Noble’s $50 Nook tablet. Yes, Barnes & Noble still makes its own e-readers — and with this deal, the Nook may be worth another look: The bookstore chain is introducing its latest Nook tablet on Black Friday, which features a 7-inch display, 8 GB of internal memory and an SD card slot to add as much as 128 GB of additional storage. The Nook tablet also has access to Google’s Play store, so you’ll be able to install a ton of apps on it. It will go on sale in Barnes & Noble stores for $50 Friday, and become available through the company’s website in December.

Roku Express+ for $25. Roku’s newly-introduced budget streamer is getting even cheaper with a significant price cut at Walmart, which will start selling the Express+ for $25 this Wednesday (down from $39). The Express+ offers the same Roku apps as Roku’s other streaming devices, and also comes with a composite out to connect it to older TVs without HDMI port. Alternatively, Roku is also offering its Roku 1 streaming box for $25 on its own website Friday through Monday — but compared to the Express+, you’ll have to make do with older and thus slower hardware. (Here’s a list of all of Roku’s Black Friday deals.)

GoPro Hero Session package for $180. Action cam maker GoPro is selling its new Hero Session camera for $20 off from Thursday-Monday, and the company is also throwing a free Handler grip, a 16 GB SD card and a GoPro carry case. The total value of the package, which will sell through GoPro’s website for $179.99, is $250.

Apple Watch for $198. Apple has yet to reveal its Black Friday deals, but we already know of one good deal from a retailer: Target is selling the Apple Watch 1 for $198 in store and online starting 6 p.m. Thursday. The same model sells for $269 at your neighborhood Apple store.

HTC Vive for $699. Arguably the most immersive virtual reality (VR) headset with room-scale positional tracking, the HTC Vive is also the most expensive way to get started with VR. But this week, HTC is selling the device for $100 off from Friday to Monday. The offer is good for online sales on the Vive.com website and Amazon.com, as well as in retail stores like the Microsoft Store, Fry’s and GameStop. Vive’s site has a handy location finder, which may be necessary: The deal is only good while supplies last.

PlayStation 4 Slim – $50 off. Sony recently introduced a new, budget-minded PlayStation 4 dubbed the PS4 Slim, which is going for even less this Black Friday. The smaller, cheaper PS4 is selling for $250, or $50 off its original price, as a package deal that also includes a free copy of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.” A number of retailers are throwing in additional gift cards or extra games, but availability is expected to be limited everywhere. Luckily, our colleagues over at Polygon made a handy list for PS4 bargain hunters.

Google Home for $99. Google Home, the company’s answer to Amazon’s Echo speaker, is going on sale as well in the coming days. From Wednesday to Monday, Walmart, Target and Best Buy as well as Google’s own online store are going to sell the smart speaker for $99, which is $30 below its regular price. $30, one might add, that you could spend on adding another Chromecast: Google’s video streaming adapter as well as its music-centric Chromecast Audio sibling are on sale for $25 through all participating retailers, which can be found on Chromecast.com.

Xbox One S for $249. Microsoft’s Xbox One S is starting at $249 this Thursday. That’s “its lowest price ever,” as the company helpfully notes in a release that also highlights deals on games and other bundles. The $249 Xbox One S will be available online as well as in Microsoft Stores and at select retailers.

Nintendo 3DS for $99.99. Nintendo is introducing a new limited-edition version of its 3DS just in time for Black Friday  that comes in what the company calls a “Super Mario Black” and a “Super Mario White” version. The New 3DS will go on sale on Friday, and likely be available throughout the coming weeks through participating retailers, which will be listed in time on Nintendo.com.