Bjork is taking fans around the world on a journey to her home country: The Icelandic music icon debuted a new virtual reality experience called “Bjork Digital” in Sydney, Australia this week. The experience is scheduled to be shown in several other cities in the coming months, including Tokyo, London, Paris and Houston.

“Bjork Digital” is still a bit of a work in progress: The experience currently features four VR music videos set to songs from her latest album “Vulnicura,” which was released last year, with plans to add five more in the coming months.

In one of the videos, Bjork can be seen up and close at a black pebble beach, with a cloudy, glowing horizon behind her. In another, viewers are being transported into a kind of cave for an almost “Game of Thrones”-like experience. Taking things even further, one video literally goes to the source of Bjork’s enigmatic voice, with a camera inserted into her mouth – complete with the ability to look around, thanks to 360-degree video.

Phones pre-loaded with Bjork’s VR experience, waiting to be used as part of the debut of “Bjork Digital.”
Courtesy of River VR

“Bjork Digital” is being displayed on 80 Gear VR headsets to allow hundreds of attendants to experience it at any given day. Separately, the piece has also been ported to the HTC Vive for a more immersive experience that comes with full room tracking. Eventually, it will also be made available for download for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The “Bjork Digital’ experience has been produced by San Francisco-based River Studios, while some of the 360-degree videos have been produced by other VR pioneers, including Vrse’s Chris Milk.

“Bjork shares our vision that VR now plays a major role in artful expression and we are delighted to pioneer this new art medium with her inspiring and fabulous team,” said River Studios founder and CEO Mike Rothenberg.

Bjork published her first 360-degree video last summer, and actually recorded the audio of a string orchestra to match the scenery of the video. “As you watch this in the virtual reality headset it will be as if you are on that beach and with the 30 players sitting in a circle tightly around you,” she said back then.