Apple Watch owners can now hunt for Pokemons without keeping the app open on their phone: Ninantic Labs, maker of Pokemon Go, launched an app for the Apple Watch Thursday.

The new app notifies users when there is a Pokemon nearby, and also allows to collect Pokeballs and other items from Pokestops directly from the wrist. Apple Watch owners can also log their daily walks in Pokemon Go, which helps them to hatch eggs and receive other rewards.

Still, there’s one thing the Pokemon Go Apple Watch app can’t do: actually catch Pokemons. For that, users still have to open the app on their phone.

That’s different from Pokemon Go Plus, the wearable gadget sold by Nintendo that connects to a player’s smart phone via Bluetooth. Pokemon Go Plus does allow users to catch Pokemons, and then later check the app on their phone to find out which monster they got hold of.

However, Pokemon Go Plus has been largely unavailable at retailers ever since it first got released this summer. Until that changes, the Apple Watch app may be a worthwhile replacement for anyone who already owns Apple’s wearable.

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