Apple has invited press and partners to an event in San Francisco this Wednesday, Sept. 7, where it is widely expected to announce the new iPhone 7. In addition, the company may also use the event to introduce a new Apple Watch. And thanks to a steady stream of leaks, we already have a good idea what these announcements are going to be about.

But maybe you don’t want any spoilers, and just tune in live to get the news straight from the horse’s mouth? Then just head over to Apple’s website this Wednesday, Sept. 7. The keynote is slated to start at 10:00 am PT, and you’ll need to use Apple’s Safari browser to tune in.

And now for the spoilers. Here’s what to expect from Apple’s iPhone 7 event:

The new iPhone 7: Apple’s next iPhone will come in five color options, including the existing rose gold, gold and silver, as well as two new shades of black — a dark black, a a more shiny “piano” black — according to recent musings from KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, which were first relayed by MacRumors.

Apple will boost the phone’s on-board storage, according to multiple reports, with base-level models selling with 32 GB of space for apps, music, photos and videos, as opposed to the 16 GB included with the base-level model of current-generation iPhones. This will coincide with a new 256 GB iPhone. That’s the same levels of storage that Apple added to its iPad Pro in March, and bumping up storage capacity makes sense, especially since the iPhone is now recording 4K video.

Speaking of which: Apple will also introduce a substantially updated camera — or two, actually. The new iPhone will have a dual camera with two lenses on the back, according to a number of reports. The device will use this to shoot two photos at the same time, using different settings, and compose the final shot out of those two photos. This is similar to the HDR mode many camera phones currently offer, except a lot more instantaneous, and should especially improve photos taken under challenging light conditions.

Apple will also use significantly faster processors for its new iPhone, which should make for a snappier app experience, and may give iPhone owners a better display to look at as well.

The most controversial change on that list however will be an omission: Apple is widely expected to ship the new iPhone without a traditional headphone jack. Instead, the company may include a set of headphones that works with the phone’s Lightning adapter, and there will likely be a Lightning-to-audio adapter for third-party headphones as well. Apple may also use this change to double down on wireless headphones, and there are speculations that the company may even introduce a new wireless networking standard for such headphones.

Apple’s Watch is also due for an update, and the new model is likely going to be a lot faster than existing models, which should help to alleviate complaints about sluggish app performance. There have also been reports that the new Apple Watch will include its own GPS sensor. This would make it possible to take it for a run, leave the phone at home and still keep track of one’s route.

Apple could possibly include a bigger battery as well, but there have been far fewer leaks about the new Watch than the iPhone 7. This means that despite everything we already know, Apple CEO Tim Cook may actually have a few surprises in store after all.