Amazon’s Echo loudspeaker is getting ready for a new tune: The smart speaker is now officially supporting Spotify. Subscribers to Spotify’s paid premium tier can start playback of any song, artist or playlist from the streaming service on the speaker simply by asking for it.

The Echo’s Spotify integration also supports Spotify Connect, the music service’s multi-screen technology that makes it possible to launch playback straight from the Spotify app on a phone or tablet.

Amazon first introduced the Echo as a new kind of smart appliance at the end of 2014. The Echo combines a traditional loudspeaker with a number of microphones capable of picking up voice commands even as music or radio programming is playing.

An integrated smart assistant dubbed Alexa is capable of answering questions with knowledge from Wikipedia articles, looking up traffic, news and weather, controlling connected appliances around the house and more.

The Echo has long offered music playback via an integration of Amazon’s own Prime Music service as well as Pandora, TuneIn and iHeartradio. The device also offers basic Bluetooth connectivity, capable of playing any audio from a nearby mobile device. However, this marks the first time that a third-party music subscription service directly integrates with the Echo.