Social virtual reality (VR) startup AltspaceVR is bringing its app to Samsung’s GearVR headset: The app went live in the Oculus store on GearVR Thursday, according to Oculus.

AltSpaceVR has been working for some time on combining social experiences and virtual reality. The company’s app allows users to meet each other in virtual spaces, where they can play tabletop games against each other, watch Netflix or web videos together, or simply chat.

AltspaceVR doesn’t use intricate personalized avatars, but instead puts the emphasis on a collaborative experience. To that end, the company has opened up its platform to third-party developers, who can build new in-world games and apps with Javascript, or even port existing web apps to work in VR.

AltspaceVR has been developing apps for a number of VR headsets as well as a desktop version, and started to test a GearVR version in September. However, Thursday’s release marks the first time regular users who haven’t signed up for one of the company’s tests and don’t own a developer version of one of the VR headsets can experience AltspaceVR first-hand.

The startup has raised a total of $15.7 million from Comcast Ventures, Dolby Family Ventures, Tencent, Rothenberg Ventures and others.